Writing for the stage and screen.

Three Bullets Loaded (feature screenplay). Biopic about Soghomon Tehlirian, a survivor of the Armenian Genocide who assassinated one of the genocide's primary architects and final head of of the Ottoman Empire, Talaat Pasha. Based on Tehlirian's trial transcripts. 

Screenplay sample pages here.

The Beggar Goes Home (short screenplay, finalist at 2013 Armenia-Turkey Cinema Platform). An elderly Armenian repatriate from Istanbul must travel to eastern Turkey for the first time in 30 years to oversee his only brother's funeral and face his Turkish ex-wife. 

Screenplay sample pages here.

Information: Absurd Vignettes About Identity in the Information Age (short play). Using theatrical techniques inspired by neo-futurism to unpack technology's corrosive effect on our internal, interpersonal, and existential identities.  

Play sample pages here.

Gorky (feature screenplay). A brilliant painter and sculptor on the brink of success must produce a body of work drawn from the subconscious he has spent a lifetime suppressing. Based on the true life of Arshile Gorky

Screenplay sample pages here.

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