Composer, singer-songwriter, lyricist, producer.

Likened to Dick Dale meets Frank Zappa meets Salvador Dali, Raffi Joe Wartanian's fusion of music familiar and foreign reflects the baffling, beautiful, and bountiful textures that ignite life with magnificent mystery and draw from his travels to the world's most uplifting and demoralizing destinations. The melodies and lyrics of PUSHKIN STREET (2013) - named after Yerevan, Armenia's hub of progressive music - tell intimately absurd and absurdly intimate stories, demand justice for a fractured world, and sound like tunes one could dance or sing or drive or cook or swim or shower to. 

Eileen Khatchadourian is an award winning Lebanese-Armenian vocalist. Her sophomore release Titernig (2015), was recorded at I-Want Studios / Mastered at Abbey Road Studios / Produced by Sandro Mussida and Francesco Fabris. Role: lyricist & composer (Titernig), lyricist (I Wept).


Armenian School of Oud, a 3 Volume Textbook by Mihran Demirchyan (1950-2016).  To review or download the textbook(s), visit Role: producer, editor, translator.

Ghazi Kurdstany: Live in Baltimore (2012). Ghazi, Ali, and Amina Ahmed hail from Kurdistan in northern Iraq. They have performed throughout their homeland and now in the city of Baltimore at the renowned Creative Alliance Theater and Baltimore Resettlement Center. Role: producer.

A 7 piece funk outfit formed at John Hopkins University, Defawnk (2004-2008) performed original songs and funkified covers throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area peppered with northward excursions. Role: co-founder.

Before Justin Bieber. Before hipsters. There was LONGHOUSE (2000-2004). Once Dionysus, then Lenape Longhouse, and finally, the band that brought you the earth-shattering hit single MONTEZUMA and other dance hall favorites like SQUIRREL SONG, WHITE SAND BLACK SAND, and #2. Grab yourself a friendly helping of Charm City teenage dreamers once upon a Y2K...

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